What is the minimum amount available to order?
Minimum amount order is 5 Euros worth for buyers from Belgrade. For buyers from other cities who require sending by Courier service or bus, minimum order is 1000 RSD.


How can I order live food?
You can order anything from our site through our Contact section. Apart from stating which live food you would like to order and the amount, you should also add your phone number, preferably cell, and e-mail address. After making an order, we will contact you ASAP for confirmation purposes and arranging details.




How many insects does one package contain?
Package contains 100 insects, which represents a basic ordering unit (does not apply to Dubia and Six spotted roaches). It is possible to mix insects and amounts, still, it is best to contact us about your needs, and we will arrange everything.


How are insects packed for transport?
All of our live food is shipped in transparent PVC boxes. Box size is determined by amount of insects ordered.


Can live food be split in several boxes?
Package can be divided in several boxes. It is necessary to point out when making an order.


Do insects have food in boxes?
The boxes contain enough food to last for 7-10 days.




How will I receive the order?
Customers from Belgrade can pick up their order in person. Customers from other cities can pick up their packages sent by bus, on local intercity bus station.


What is the shipment fee?
Customers pay transportation fee by adding it on top of the price of their order. For shipping by a bus, the amount is 200 RSD.




Can insects be kept in boxes they were shipped in?
Insects can be kept in the boxes they were shipped in, although if you ordered crickets, it is recommended you move them to a larger plastic container, in that way cannibalism is going to be avoided.


Can I keep the box in a fridge?
Under no circumstances should you put the box with insects inside refrigerator. All insect species are from warm climates and extremely intolerable to cold. Even a short term exposure to cold can result in death. It would be best to keep your box with insects at room temperature (21-26C ~ 70-79F).


Should I add any food to the box with insects?
After 4-5 days pass, it is recommended to add small amount of food to provide insects moisture apples, carrots, potatoes or some other fruit or vegetable. You can replace the dried up pieces of veggies with new ones every 3-4 days. Common household items which can be used as dry food are wheat bran, wheat flour, bread crumbs, corn flour, graded Plazma cookies (or any other dietary wheat-based cookies).


I noticed a condensation buildup inside the box, is that a problem?
Condensation inside the box is a sign of high moisture, which is due to adding too much fruits or vegetables in the box. Prolonged increase of moisture can lead to building of mold, which can cause serious health issues to your pet, especially arachnids.
If the mold starts building up, the best solution is to cleaning the box thoroughly and replace the food. After you have cleaned everything, keep moisture lower by adding greens less often.




How do I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order personaly on the pick up, by depositing funds in bank account (Banca Intesa - Account details will be provided upon confirmation of your order) or via PostNet service available at local Post office.


What is the timeframe in which I can deposit payment for my order?
You can deposit funds within 2 days period after you made an order, if it hasn't been agreed differently. After 2 days period passes, the order is considered canceled. Package is sent only after the deposit has been made. It is recommended you deposit funds via Banca Intesa branch in your city, so the funds would be transferred instantly.


I deposited funds in your bank account, when will I receive my order?
After deposit from your part is confirmed, the order is shipped out on the same day, unless it is agreed different.