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Nekton MSA

One of the best commercially available mineral supplements.

Nekton MSA contains Calcium, which in combination with other macro elements and D3 vitamin, helps proper development of young animals, gestating females, and treats consequences derived from mineral insufficiency in reptiles.

The pack contains 40g of bulk supplement powder.



ZooMed's Repti Calcium with/without D3

Mineral supplement from american company ZooMed. Ultrafine Calcium carbonate powder without Phosphorous and D3 vitamin.

Ideal for animals active in nighttime, that don't use D3 vitamin in their metabolic processes. For diurnal reptiles, there is an option with D3 vitamin.

The pack contains 30g of bulk supplement powder.


400 RSD
ZooMed's Reptivite

Reptivite is most sought after supplement in the hobby. Vitamin and mineral complex is specially adjusted to metabolic needs of reptiles. It will ensure proper development and long life of your pet.

The pack contains 40g of bulk supplement powder.



700 RSD
Coco products

Coconut tree based products are commonly used as substrate for terrariums. Main advantages of this type of substrate are sterility, antibacterial properties and effective control of moisture in terrarium, as well as decorative function.



Coco peat
300 RSD
Water crystals

When keeping insects, maintaining a proper amount of humidity is a crucial element. Too little of water-rich food can lead to die-offs or cannibalism among insects. On the other hand, too much of this food can lead to condensation and appearance of mold. This can be harmful to insects as well as your pet.
Cricket Gel is used as substitute for water-rich food (veggies and fruits). It is a polymer which can absorb up to several hundred times its volume of water.

AS a water source, it is suitable for insects, tarantulas, scorpions, milipedes, land crabs, african snails etc.

Pack contains 200g of crystals.


150 RSD
Gutload by PetReptilez

Gutload by PetReptilez is a supplement which contains more than 20 components of the highest quality. It was made so it would provide your reptile with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Reptiles ingest it indirectly, through insects that are gutloaded before they are offered to pets.

Gutload is freshly prepared, so it needs to be kept in cold and dark area. Shelf life is 10 days.

Package contains 20g of gutload.

200 RSD
Grejna folija
Most of the cold-blooded creatures come from tropical parts of the world.

For propper functioning of their metabolic processes, so they would be healthy, a higher temperature is reqired inside terrariums.

Heat foils are ideal to this purpose, they distribute the heat evenly, and in the right amount, around the clock.


size: 30 x 30 cm
800 RSD
size: 30 x 50 cm
1100 RSD
size: 30 x 50+ cm
Plexi & Plexi Duo

Plexi is our newest product!

It is made out of durable acrylic glass which can sustain heat, humidity and damaging elements.

Being transparent, it will fit discreetly in any vivarium or terrarium and, using provided suction cups, you can mount it on any smooth surface at desired height. Also, cups can be easily removed for cleaning, and in case of damage, can be replaced as well.

It comes in 2 versions, Plexi - with one cup, and Plexi Duo, with 2 cups

300/500 RSD