Here you can find everything you might need for your pet, from food to necessary equipment and advice that will contribute to your pet's wellbeing and health.

Years of experience in this hobby allows us to produce the best possible live food, through which we can directly influence your new family member's life quality.
If you would like to know how we ship-out live food, something about insect care , how to order or pay for your order, you can check out our FAQ page.

By clicking on a photo below, you will access detailed caresheet for the given species (caresheets are in Serbian). If you still have a question, proposal or just need some additional advice, feel free to contact us through our Contact page.

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Live Insects

Here you can view our complete offer of feeder insects. To see more info click on the link.


How to order, pay and keep your live food.

Find out more on our FAQ page.


Aside from insects, for proper development you will need certain additions your pet's diet. The equipment will help you in setting up its habitat, making everyday handling easier and the supplements will ensure your pet's long and healthy life.